Jewellery Organisers

Locally manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tidy Suzi is the original patented quality jewellery organiser produced from stainless steel and aluminium with a hard-wearing luxurious velvet finish. The 180 degree, rotating arms ensure easy access to all your jewellery with no tangling or damage.

The Tidy Suzi Jewellery Organiser stores-

– Over 50 necklaces
– Up to 20 rings
– 18 bangles and/or watches
– 38 pairs of earings.

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Tidy Suzi Demo

Tidy Suzi at Home

The Tidy Suzi unit is able to be mounted on the inside of a cupboard door, cabinet or any wall. Easy access to all your beautiful jewellery – keeping it safe, tidy, tangle and scratch free!

Tidy Suzi on a film set

Each actress on the Binnelanders film set was assigned their own Tidy Suzi to keep jewellery organised, ensuring easy accessibility and saving space and time.

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